Vision Board Piggy Bank

Happy New Year folks! Week one into 2013 are we still holding on to our new year resolutions?  Well my friends and I joined this 52 week financial challenge It is pretty cool so far.  You save the “dollar amount” for the week you are on i.e. week 1 = $1 week 45= $45.  Check on the official instructions here.  Now that you are saving money where are you putting the moola???

In your Vision Board Piggy Bank that’s where!

I am a fan of vision boards (although it took me a year to do mine… it doesn’t matter don’t judge me).  Seeing your goals in visual or written form is a great way to keep yourself on track.  A couple years ago I created a “Vision Board Piggy Bank,” some place to keep my loose change.  It is plastered with images of prosperity and words of grandeur.  I love it! Yes, my 10 cents a day will pay for a vacation eventually.

No need to be super crafty here is what you need.

*A container: One you can cut a hole on top with ease to put the monaaaay in.  I used a baby wipes container.

*Pictures, cutouts from magazines of whatever you want to save for (retirement. vacay, investments, strip clubs etc) anything that will motivate you.

*Mod Podge sealer or slightly diluted Elmer’s glue (1 part water 2 parts glue) so it can spread easily.

*Paint brush



You don’t need tape, pencil or crayons I just like the picture but if you can incorporate those items somehow and make the project more difficult than it is let me know lol.

Now it is time to put it together…

1) Cut a “piggy bank slot” into your container, clean and dry your container.

2) Take your images glue (can use mod podge) them to your container in any arrangement you like be sure to layer and overlap. Don’t cover slot but fold the strips into it so it is smooth all around.  Make sure you glue as flat as possible no wrinkles 🙂

3) Once dry use Mod Podge or your Elmer’s glue mixture to “paint” the sealer on your images.  Let it dry fully in between coats apply 3-4 coats and your piggy bank will be solid forever!

I Love mine it is over 5 years old. I put all my left over change in it & it really adds up! Paid my cell phone bill with my savings once.

What are you saving for?


“I Got Money In The Bank”

Below is the chart to follow for the “52 Week Money Challenge”



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