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    How I Decorated My Planner With A Cricut

    This post is sponsored by Cricut, but as always, all words and thoughts are 100% my own! 

    My New Year’s resolution is to be more “organized” I am not sure if it is working but to give myself some extra motivation I decorated it! Using my Cricut I gave my planner a pop culture spin. Let me know what you think!

    Want the Planner? http://amzn.to/2Bkj5aF

    Want to try the project? http://bit.ly/scamtheplanner

    Want a Cricut? http://bit.ly/avcricutshop T


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    Reclaim Your Curry Stains And Dye Natural Fabric With Turmeric


    a nice evening of you enjoying some curry chicken nachos and pow you drop some on your shirt. Many people know that eating curry while wearing white is just something you don’t do but is it really a death sentence?


    Just kidding, kinda.

    What if you decided to make your stains intentional? #Gamechanger. Turmeric has a million different uses you can but it in your tea for additional health benefits but did you know that you can dye fabric with it? This gem gives off a beautiful golden color, it quite cost effective and good for the planet. Everyone wins! Quite sure you are wondering about my awesome macrame in this blog post. I host crafty parties in the NYC area with an awesome company called CraftJam you sign up and learn a new craft plus bring your own booze. Use my code JammasterAv to receive 15% any class they offer. 

    Spice up your life (shoutout to the Spice Girls) and watch the tutorial video below.

    What You Need

    • 6 Cups Water (divided)
    • 2 Tablespoons Turmeric
    • 1/4 Cup Salt
    • Wooden Spoon
    • Bowl
    • Pot

    Turmeric HW frame 1


    1.Combine 2 cups  the water and turmeric in the same pot, bring to a boil, and simmer for 15 minutes. Set aside.

    2. Combine the water and salt in your pan and bring it to a boil, then add your fabric and let it simmer for one hour. The salt is your “fixative,” which helps your fabric take the dye.

    3. Drain your fabric, wring it out when it’s cool enough to handle.

    4. Add your dye to a bowl and let your fabric soak. The longer it soaks, the more vibrant your color will be check it after the first 5-10 minutes

    5. Wash and rinse your fabric in the sink until the water runs clear, hang it to dry.

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    Dye natural fabric with turmeric

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    How To Make Your Own Body Glitter Gel

    Glitter glitter glittaaaaaaahhhh! I love glitter. It literally makes the world go round. I made this awesome DIY body glitter gel about 15 minutes before I was leaving for the airport to go to Trinidad! That is how simple this is. What I love about it is that it has sunscreen so your skin is protected as you are shinning like a disco ball.

    What you need

    • Glitter (In the video I used craft glitter but use cosmetic glitter if you plan on applying it to your face. The link is for cosmetic glitter)
    • Aloe vera gel 
    • Bronzer 
    • Sunscreen 
    • a Stirrer (or a stick)
    • a container with a lid




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    Glitter body gel pinterest

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    11 Must-Haves for Your Craft Room

    Emergencies happen all the time, You have to be prepared. Anything can happen bruises, floods, zombie apocalypse you name it, but what about DIY disasters? Imagine door knobs falling off 30 minutes before your guests come over for a party and home depot closed 15 minutes ago? You may feel inclined to say well we will just party without knobs but I implore you not to. Plus a guest stuck in the bathroom because you don’t have door knobs is not a good look. Nothing is wrong with a little prepared. Here are some staples in my craft room.

    Hot Glue Gun 

    Life happens and things break and just have to rig something up you can make it through the evening. I like this Stanley tools glue gun, the dual melt high/low temperature GR25.

    Painter’s Tape

    Image via: tapemanblue.com

    Image via: tapemanblue.com

    Spray Paint

    All that glitters isn’t gold, until you douse it in a coat of gold spray paint. I like gold. It makes me feel fancy. I even painted my BBQ grill gold, don’t judge me. You can get a high gloss version or rustic “old gold” If you want that “bling bling” bright gold PLEASE get this one by Rusteloeum I completely swear by it. Those are seashells in the background that I painted with this.

    Mod Podge

    X-ACTO® Knife

    Getting the detail you want in your projects can be done with the right precision cutting knife. There are many on the market today, and all are great for cutting many types of lightweight materials.

    Elmer’s Glue

    Paint Brushes

    image via rexart.com


    In at least 3 sizes: fine tip, medium and large should pretty much cover your basic needs. Loew-cornell paint brushes come in an array of sizes.


    Acrylic Paint

    Image via Amazon

    Liquitex has an array of colors but all you need are small pots of primary colors and black/white. With these colors you can blend them and create every color under the sun.



    Image via Sharpie

    I borrowed this essential from the film world. On set, sharpies are magical and a must have. You can use it to take quick notes, touch up furniture, or draw on ceramic cups.


    Basic Tools

    Image via ikea.com

    You always need to pull this and nail that. So a tool set is essential.  This basic tool set from IKEA is useful. 

    White Cardstock

    Image via stampinup.com

    Image via stampinup.com


    Last but not least you need some tunes to get you through your crisis Ipod with diy playlist


    Did I forget anything? What is in your tool belt?


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    11 Supplies You Must Have in Your Craft Room