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Pimp My Grill: How To Paint A BBQ Grill

If you have been following my Instagram (@avdoeswhat) you may be aware of the month long renovation of my apartment. If you weren’t aware don’t fret just check the hashtag #ADWHomemakeover for some DIY inspiration. I did a lot of painting, sanding and upcyling to create a particular space I can enjoy. I am a budget conscious DIYer. If all it takes is a little bit of wood stain and elbow grease to transform a crate from a Mexican restaurant into a DVD shelf that is what I will do.


As I am going through the (dis)enchanted forrest known as my backyard I find a grill. I have no idea where this grill came from. I tried to turn it into a planter but only produced one lonely tomato. I intended to throw it out but my neighbor immediately told my that I have lost my mind. “It’s a good grill, keep it!” “I don’t know how to use it.” “I’ll teach you.” Great, now we’re talking. Well since I have a “new” grill I need to make it pretty. This is what I did to Pimp My Grill.





As you can see the rack is pretty rusty.20150511_131735

This product is literal magic possibly sorcery in a bottle.


A couple sprays of goo gone, scrub with a wire brush and voila!20150511_131453I used course sandpaper (50 grit) to peel off and smooth out some of the rusted areas on the legs of the grill.


Once I removed the rust I used a gold “hammered” spray paint from Rust-oleum.



Hammered gives it a more aged look.


Tape off the areas of the grill you don’t want painted (thermometer, handles, buttons, etc.)


Use “high heat” spray paint (don’t skip this step) it is specifically formulated to withstand high temperatures. Unfortunately, high heat spray paint doesn’t come in a variety of colors. I used almond but white, black and red are available. Hopefully Rust-Oleum will hear my cries and develop a rose pink just for me.


Spray in even strokes.20150517_083959Add a little bling.
20150626_080010 20150626_075926Ta da!

What color would you paint your grill?



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