Love Unlimited: Peek-A-Boo Scrapbook


Peek a boo

Valentine’s Day is only one day in February.  So, love only gets one day in the shortest month of the year?  What’s up with that?  What about all the other days of the year?  They need love too.  We’ve come up with a sweet, sassy way to celebrate love with your bae all year long!  We’re going to teach you how to make a Peak-A-Boo Scrapbook!


1. #10 Kraft Colored Open End Envelopes x 6

2. Cream colored 8.5×11 card stock x 3

3. Sultry images of you (we used magazine clippings for this part) x 6

4. Ephemera

5. Gold mini tassels

6. Hemp rope

7. Scissors, paper trimmer, adhesive, single hole punch


Step One: Take your six envelopes and cut the flap off of each one.  Then, punch two holes about an inch and a half from the bottom of the envelopes.  After you punch the first envelope, use it as a template to punch the remaining five.  Using the hemp twine, tie all the envelopes together.  You can make a bow or a not and let the twine hang, it’s up to you.

**Pro tip:  You can use the flap as a template to cut a half moon shape or triangle shape out of the opening of your envelope to give it some unique flare.

Step Two:  Using the envelope as a guide, trim the cardstock to ensure that it can slide easily inside the envelope.  Trim six pieces of cardstock that way. Set them aside.


Step Three:  Decorate the front of your album with ephemera, stickers, embellishments, stamps, ribbon, jewels etc.  We went for a romantic, junque aesthetic for our project.  This is an easy craft so, pick what you feel goes best with your theme.


Step Four: Decorate each piece of trimmed cardstock with your images, and more embellishments.  Then, slide each one into an envelope.

**Pro Tip:  To make this more personal, write a handwritten love note or saying on your project.


This project is so easy and can make such a sweet, sassy, and sexy impact on it’s recipient.  Tell us how your Peak-A-Boo Scrapbook turned out!

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