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Like A Prayer: Mason Jar Lantern

So, I have been on this “dejunkify” journey, working to remove all the clutter from my personal space little by little.  Hopefully I will be done by the new year lol.  While doing this I have been finding so many things that I can repurpose or use for future craft projects.  If I find a new use for it that means I can keep it right???  About a week ago I found some old mason jars and I decided to “spruce” them up but I had no idea what to do.  With an old lace blouse and necklace (both from Forever 21), some mod podge you can really make magic happen.  When I posted the picture on my facebook some folks suggested it was very “Madonna” so that is what I am going with. “Like A Prayer: Mason Jar Lantern.”


What you need:

Mason Jar: you can purchase one from a craft store, a clean empty glass mayo or jelly jar  will do the trick.

Any sheer fabric. I used lace from an old Forever 21 blouse.

Mod Podge or half and half mixture (half Elmer’s glue half water)

Sponge paint brush

*Optional* Any embellishments (buttons, jewels, etc) hot glue and some Old School Madonna tunes.


1) After you gather your materials cut a large enough piece that can wrap around your jar. You may use tape to hold the fabric in place so you can pull it taunt.  Cut away excess.


*Note* if using an old blouse the neckline wrapped around the “neck” of the jar gives the hem a nice finished look.

2) Take a sponge paint brush and cover the outside of the jar with mod podge.


3) Wrap your fabric around the jar and smooth out edges to avoid air bubbles.

4) Turn the jar upside down and repeat steps 2 and 3 to the bottom of the jar.


5) Let your jar dry upside down for a couple hours then apply for mod podge mixture on top of the fabric.


6) Dry completely, attach any embellishments with hot glue.
Place a candle inside and you have a lantern!


If you want this one feel free to let me know!

You may already be humming the song so here it goes… enjoy!


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