How To Take Your Jenga Game To The Next Level

“A little bit goes a long way…

is a key guideline in the Do-It-Yourself community. A little bit of paint or glue can completely transform pieces in your home, giving them a custom and unique feeling. I’ve hosted many events at mi casa and I wanted to “jazz up” some things I already owned — such as my Jenga game.


Custom Painted Jenga Game


What You Need

  • Jenga game, preferably wood
  • Paint (You can use acrylic. I used layers of watercolor.) 
  • Paintbrush
  • An adorable niece that will help you paint Jenga pieces (completely optional).


You don’t have to over think this. It is possible to get a watercolor from anywhere, literally but I particularly like this set. Worth noting “Jenga” is a brand and their game is obviously branded so If full customization is important to you get a set of blank wooden blocks that resemble the game. If it doesn’t matter just go to your local toy store and pick one up.


I know I said having the assistance of an adorable niece is optional but it really isn’t. I am not sure if it is worth renting one, because you would have to trick her into eating chickpeas while she believes it is chicken nuggets.


What To Do

It is almost shameful how easy this is. Pick your color scheme and paint! It can be your favorite colors or colors to match your decor, totally your choice. Here are few color scheme ideas you can choose.

Black and White

Candy Coated Brights

via Canva

via Canva

Since this scheme is essentially the primary colors you can adjust the blue to suite your taste. 

Your Favorite Sports Team (I am a Giants Fan in case you were wondering)

50 Shades of your favorite color

Get a hint from nature with this refreshing & pretty palette.

Via Canva

Via Canva

If the pink makes the palette too “girly” for your design’s purposes, just leave it out and opt for the top two aqua shades plus the yellow for a bright, clean combination.



For an extra challenge this could be a drinking game, assign a color to everyone playing and make those the only pieces they can pull. That will certainly make things interesting. Have fun!

Have you ever hacked your board games? How did it turn out?

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