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How To Make Outdoor Waterproof Cushions

Outdoor bench cushion make your own on Avdoeswhat.com

I may have mentioned this before but sewing (along with gardening) is not my strong suit. A.V. Does a lot but those could use some work.  Knowing this about myself when faced with projects that involve fabric can be a bit tricky. Thank God for staple guns! Let’s just get right to it. How to make your own outdoor cushions.


1st you need a base. This was once an old coffee table that had glass panels, two of them broke but for some reason I held on to the table #HoarderLife.  You can use almost anything sturdy as your base. Old tables, pallets, even cinderblocks can be used. It is your backyard do what you want. *Note* The table was a dark brown wood but I wanted a “distressed look” to go with my outdoor space. It takes a lot of work to make things look older than they are. I don’t why we do it but I love it *Shrug*.

DIY-Benches-for-Garden-3You may have seen this awesome outdoor seating solution using cinderblocks floating around Pinterest. I still want to do this but how many benches can one have???


20150625_181437Since my table had panels cut out I wanted to give it a bit more support I gave the cushion a “bottom” by using foam board cut to the size of the cushion. Since we aren’t sewing the board allows the fabric to be properly attached via staple gun. It also helps to attach the cushion permanently to the base, (if you choose).  I used foam board because the water resistant fabric would be completely covering it. If that isn’t the case for you I suggest using a thin piece of wood preferably Balsa wood or thin plywood. 
20150625_181408This cushion already has batting on it but it isn’t necessary. The only reason why the batting is there is because the cushion used to belong to the living room couch.  You can purchase polyurethane foam from any fabric store with most sizes are 1″-3″ thickness and you can cut it to the appropriate size. While batting isn’t necessary it does make the cushion more plush.

CouchOld couch.

Use adhesive to attach the foam to the board. 20150625_184243 20150625_184514

Once the adhesive dries lay the outdoor fabric (that you can also get at the fabric store) face down and place the board and cushion in the center.


Working one side at a time staple along the edges and firmly fold at the corners.


Staple at the corners to keep the fabric secure. Here are more tips to fold the fabric.


Now you have your waterproof outdoor cushion.

20150625_191559Use wood screws to attach the cushion to the base. 1″-2″ screws is more than enough depending on the thickness of your cushion.

IMG_8882IMG_8868 IMG_8875Relax!


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