How To Make Stamps Using Fruits And Vegetables

Happy Almost Mother Day!

I spent some much needed time with my family recently. It included a roadtrip to Boston, a baby shower and downtime with mi madre.


After this lovely selfie with my mother and some of my siblings I thought it was a good time to craft! It is always a good time to craft. The question is what to craft? I made a delicious green juice as I pondered this and decided to get creative with the leftovers. How creative can one get? I made stamps with my veggie scraps! Here is how you make yours.

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Transform Celery scraps into beautiful craft stamps on Avdoeswhat.com

What you need

  • The “ends” of celery
  • Card stock or fabric
  • Newspaper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint Brush


Get Your Celery20160406_172501

Take a close up of your celery for instagram, of course.


Cut the ends off

20160417_161619 Dip Your “stamp” in acrylic paint or apply the paint on with a paint brush.
Stamp on to card stock, fabric or where ever else you want to stamp

Fill In The Details If You Are Making A “Rose.”

Take Selfies With Your Mother and Grandmother



You aren’t limited to just using celery. You can use apples, peppers, okra or any cool shaped fruit or veggie. You can use this techinque on card stock or get some fabric paint and jazz up a t-shirt! It is a great project for the kids and an even better one for your granny.

Watch this episode of The Traphouse With A.V. as we celebrate and discuss some of our favorite memories as mothers and daughters while making Mother’s Day Cards.

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