How To Make A Charming Coffee Table From Pallets

*In my best Morpheus voice* What if I told you that you can build an awesome coffee table out of pallets? Would you believe me? More importantly would you try it?

Fun Fact: “What If I Told You” was never said in any Matrix film.

I have made no secret of the chaos known as my backyard. Here I am one of the few people I know with access to an outdoor space in NYC which is like unlocking one of Zelda’s secret levels and it is going to waste. For almost seven years it was a stray cat’s oasis, The Kitty Klub.   Last summer, I took baby steps to getting it together by making a waterproof cushion for an old coffee table, turning it into a bench and pimping my grill but I needed more. A few months ago I went under an entire renovation to my space I was going to do it big!


Pinterest pallet table

This is surprisingly easy to put together once I had my materials. Ironically the most difficult thing to acquire was the pallets themselves. This is only because I live in Brooklyn without a pickup truck but that is what friends are for! 


A friend of mine picked up these two FREE pallets at a nearby construction site. Score.

Gorilla Glue should be considered The G.O.A.T (The Greatest. Of. All. Time, for those who are 10 years behind slang). GG holds everything together: wood, metal, glass and marriages. I applied it to the bottom of one pallet, the top of another pallet then layered them so the glued parts are touching.



Once the table was assembled I used sandpaper to file down any rough patches a palm sander like Norton’s Sanding Bug can help save your hands.


Adding caster wheels helps with its functionality, who wants a table that is almost impossible to move? Not I. Just make sure the wheels are strong enough to support the weight of your pallets. Waterproofing is optional but certainly effective if you would like to keep this for a long period of time outside. If this is your only project skip the gallon size and opt for a spray can of Thompson’s Waterseal.

Let dry overnight. Decorate and celebrate accordingly! This also looks great on top of my painted geometric outdoor rug.


*Note* The decorations are not a part of the “Under $30” price cap but this Kate Spade Table Runner is the truth. If you want to dye your own mason jar lanterns just follow this tutorial. I like to throw outdoor pillows on the ground and eat dinner around the table, makes me feel fancy.



Make sure you read the tutorial for my “Bae Bench

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