Front Door Makeover With Decoart Curb Appeal

They always say put your best face forward but what does the “face” of your house say? Well mine said turn around no one is here. That is so far from the truth and I needed a facelift to reflect that. I teamed up with my friends at Deco Art to bring you another product review. This time it is their Curb Appeal front door and shutter paint. If you haven’t seen my review for their Maxx Gloss paint please see what I did to my old Ikea dresser.

Front Door Makeover With Decoart Curb Appeal


front door before

As you can see my front door was in pretty bad shape. I “power washed” the gate using my paint sprayer *Cheat code unlocked* it made prep work 100x easier. Once it was dry I repainted the gate with white spray paint.


This Wagner Paint Sprayer hack saved the day. I filled the container with cleaning product, water and sprayed away. Very convenient for those like myself that don’t have access to a water hose.



Now that I have the only blue door on my block I can give you some pros and cons of Curb Appeal.


  • Available in 21 vibrant intermixable colors my door is Blue Harbor
  • It adheres to both metal and wood making a durable, semi-gloss finish on outdoor surfaces.
  • Protection without requiring a sealer.


  • Multiple coats/bottles. It says you need only one bottle for both sides of the door *one coat* but you should do 2 coats to have a perfect finish.
  • Dries quickly.

*Note* it is advertised as “quick drying” but can be a con if it begins to dry while you are still painting. You have to work quickly.

Over all I recommend this product and I am going to paint my back door next! Watch my video for more thoughts and suggestions.