Update Your Casa With These Snazzy Free Home Improvement Apps

There is an app for everything: Capture video, discover a new recipe, fine tune your workout routine, reminder to feed your dog, memos and more. Just “google” your needs and an app will magically appear. Note when I say magic I really mean download it. What about your DIY projects? Grab your supplies and dig into these free home improvement apps to help you navigate your latest “how to.”


Pinterest is like part vision board, part encyclopedia, part wish list of failed dreams. Let me clarify: you can be on Pinterest for the better part of your life completely forgetting about your project. Once focused it is a really useful tool. Literally everything diy, craft, food, home improvement can be searched. It may be too early to tell but Pinterest may be the greatest app of all time.



Like their website, their mobile app boasts millions of professional quality photos of home renovations for inspiration. You can find articles, ask advice from forums, and purchase products for sale, as well as browse portfolios and profiles of design and remodeling professionals to find the ones best qualified to work on your project.


Project Color

The Home Depot offers their answer to TapPainter with similar functionality in that you can photograph your home and see how their available paint colors look on your walls before actually start painting. Now the app may not be as interesting as the cashier but it’s available for both iOS and Android.

iHandy Level

Need to get a few picture frames straight for an awesome gallery wall? There is an app for that. iHandy Level is a level on your phone.Just be sure to calibrate it for your smartphone before using it, which is done by setting it on a perfectly level surface and pushing a button. 


There are only so many tips you can get from yours truly and there is nothing wrong with calling for back up. Do it yourself, do it wise with DIYZ. Find your home project to get detailed step-by-step instructions and how-to videos. Plus, they give you a complete tool and materials list. Choose what you need, order online, and have everything delivered to your door. Need help? No problem! Request a live video chat with one of their pro advisors and you’ll talk with an expert who’ll guide you through the project.


Free Home Improvement Apps

Which home improvement apps do you currently use?