How To Build A Photo Light Box For Less Than $10

How To Build A Photo Light Box For Less Than $10

Are you ready for your close up? Maybe not you but what about your products? With social media being as lit as it is we all want to take better pictures for The ‘Gram especially small business owners. In many cases a photo light box (Not to be confused with this) is how many brands get pictures with really crisp white (or any color of your choice) backgrounds.  You can certainly purchase a one but we are DIY’ers, hear us roar!

What You Need

  • A Cardboard Box 12×12″ – 24×24″ is pretty manageable  (Preferably a brown non reflective box. I just used that I had, DIY at its finest)
  • Poster Board
  • Wax paper
  • A Craft Knife
  • Tape (Initially I was going to use painter’s tape but switched to scotch tape) 
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Sharpie

Once you create your box you need lights (this part isn’t $10) I use clamp work lights but you can use desk lamps if you like.

The Results

Drum Roll Please… Look how bright this is! Who needs a photographer??? I used this light box to take product shots of University of Dope, the first card game dedicated to Hip Hop Culture. I just so happened to be the co creator of it. 


The first card game dedicated to hip hop culture



The various backgrounds you can use is literally endless. Gift wrap, textured paper, even fabric can work to achieve your desired look. 

The first card game dedicated to hip hop culture 

Watch this tutorial as I show you how to build your own light box for small product photography. All materials used in this tutorial can be bought for a few dollars at Walmart, Amazon, any craft supply store or you may already have most items around the house. I just happened to use a Swifter box lol. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel to see all of my DIY’s first!


How To Build A Photo Light Box For Less Than $10

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