DIY Paint Chip Garland

Let’s party like it is 1999, or 2016



Each year doesn’t it seem like your holiday gift list gets longer but your wallet size stays the same? This is the time of the year where people spend the most and are looking for a deal anywhere they can get them. How about your decorations? A bulk of this paint chip garland is FREE.99! Go to your local hardware store and rack up! Most stores have hundreds of swatches in an array of colors. The best part of this hack is that you can literally so it in minutes. Just in time for your next shindig.


What You Need

  • Paint chips (the amount depends on the desired length but start with 10 swatches)
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Twine or Yarn
  • Hole Puncher




Once you gather your materials use a paper cutter to cut the paint swatches to a shape you desire.

20160831_193839 Don’t throw out the “scraps” use them to make a cool mosaic bookmark!
20160831_194155 Use your hole puncher to punch two holes on each end of your paint chip.
20160831_195404 String the twine through each paint chip.



What are some of your favorite holiday hacks?

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