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DIY Napkin Rings

The holidays upon us and I am thankful for so much! I am cooking this year and I wanted to do something a little extra… on a budget.  DIY projects always solve this problem.  With some scrap fabric, glue and paper towel roll I made DIY napkin rings!

This is very simple.

What you need

Paper towel or foil roll (I used both but the foil roll gives you a smaller ring)

Glue (preferably fabric glue)


Scrap Fabric (I used old clothes)

Like my shoes?

1) Cut your roll into equal parts

2) Cut your fabric into thin (about 1”) long strips it is better to have too much than too little.

3) Put glue on the inside and the outside of your ring.

4) Attach fabric by looping/wrapping around ring.

5) Use a little bit of glue to hold the fabric together after you finish wrapping it. *Note* you can use clothespins to hold it together as it dries.

Happy Holidays!




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