DIY Fall Centerpiece

It’s Fall Y’all! As you fill the shorter days with apple picking and pumpkin patching/spicing take a look at this fall centerpiece. This simple centerpiece is perfect for all your favorite fall gatherings. You can also use different colors for any event really. Create an elegant look with monotone gold leaves and branches for weddings, use pastels for a baby shower. Bright colors would be awesome for summer.

The best part about this DIY is that it basically free!

Here is what you need

  • Vase of your choice
  • Glass Vase Filler Stones
  • Dried leaves with branches.
    • You can literally pick some branches from any tree, washing the branches with dish soap will get rid of any potential critters. Let them dry for a few days.  You can also buy faux foliage or driftwood from a craft store.
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • A toilet paper tube
  • Battery operated string lights  Although this is optional why would you opt out of pretty lights?
  • Dried flowers (optional)
    • I like dried baby’s breath. Go to your local florist or Trader’s Joes pick up a bouquet and let it dry.


First you want to wash off any dirt from your branches using dish soap and let dry. You know your foliage is ready when the leaves begin to feel stiff. It may take a  few days so be patient.  Lay the foliage on a protected surface, lightly spray the leaves with gold spray paint. It doesn’t have to be fully gold but most of it should be painted. Let dry. PRO TIP: Paint in thin layers and let dry between layers to prevent overpainting and stickiness.


Next, you want to begin to fill the bottom of the vase with glass stone filler. After that place the tube in the middle of the vase and begin to fill it along the sides.


Although it might be tempting to skip the tube and just stick the branches into the glass stones, don’t. It will still “hold up” but won’t be attractive.


Use the tube is important because it prevents the painted bouquet from tipping over and to keep the stones in place.  Place it in the middle of the vase .


Also start tucking and wrapping the sting lights into the stones. Weaving the lights in different areas will give a nice glow through the glass stones and the vase.


Now that the vase is half full arrange your foliage how you wish. Keeping it in the tube makes it easier to manipulate.


As you continue to fill the rest of the vase with stones keep wrapping the string lights.


Lastly, when you get to the end of the string light tuck the battery pack into the tube and cover with more filler.


Now you are finished! To complete this look I spray painted some acorns and pine cones. Also I placed my vase on my favorite craft book and cookbook because why not!



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