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Behind The Scenes Of “Black Excellence”

Time is flying I cannot believe it is February already! I have been working hard for most of January to revamp my living room and stay under budget. What was my exact budget you ask? As little as possible. That is the exact number “As close to zero without committing criminal acts.”  I must say I am impressed with the results thus far.  Starting tomorrow and every Wednesday of this month I will show you guys a project from my living room. All low cost. All you can do yourself. All #OperationMacGyver

I like themes it keeps me in line with an overall vision but there is a fine line between themed and campy. One too many florals can turn your “Garden Oasis” into a funeral parlor.  The theme of my living room is “Black Excellence.” My roommates and I are creatives living in NYC, so there is always a lot of dancing, writing, painting, singing, crying, and brainstorming going on.  I wanted to channel that energy into our common living space and pay homage to legends that paved the way for us from Josephine Baker to BIggie Smalls. All while being chic!

This is a four part series the projects vary from easy to challenging. From 15 mins to multiple days. you can recreate the entire room or take whatever elements suit your space best.

Here are some pictures from “Behind the Scenes.”





Zinc by Martha Stewart/Glidden perfect for this accent wall.


Such a deep rich color.


Say Cheese.


I am ready for my close up.


Me in my mask and onesie!

Come back tomorrow for our 1st installment.  ”Glamourous Life” is a server/mini bar with open storage. *Note* open storage should be reserved for your nicest/most unique looking dinnerware. See ya later!



Here are the direct links to the completed projects.

“The Glamourous Life” DIY ikea hack Bar/Server 

“A Star Is Born” Lighted Vanity Mirror

Lady Sings The Blues: Reupholstered Chair

From Baker To Biggie: DIY Coffee Table

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