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    Love Unlimited: Peek-A-Boo Scrapbook


    Peek a boo

    Valentine’s Day is only one day in February.  So, love only gets one day in the shortest month of the year?  What’s up with that?  What about all the other days of the year?  They need love too.  We’ve come up with a sweet, sassy way to celebrate love with your bae all year long!  We’re going to teach you how to make a Peak-A-Boo Scrapbook!


    1. #10 Kraft Colored Open End Envelopes x 6

    2. Cream colored 8.5×11 card stock x 3

    3. Sultry images of you (we used magazine clippings for this part) x 6

    4. Ephemera

    5. Gold mini tassels

    6. Hemp rope

    7. Scissors, paper trimmer, adhesive, single hole punch


    Step One: Take your six envelopes and cut the flap off of each one.  Then, punch two holes about an inch and a half from the bottom of the envelopes.  After you punch the first envelope, use it as a template to punch the remaining five.  Using the hemp twine, tie all the envelopes together.  You can make a bow or a not and let the twine hang, it’s up to you.

    **Pro tip:  You can use the flap as a template to cut a half moon shape or triangle shape out of the opening of your envelope to give it some unique flare.

    Step Two:  Using the envelope as a guide, trim the cardstock to ensure that it can slide easily inside the envelope.  Trim six pieces of cardstock that way. Set them aside.


    Step Three:  Decorate the front of your album with ephemera, stickers, embellishments, stamps, ribbon, jewels etc.  We went for a romantic, junque aesthetic for our project.  This is an easy craft so, pick what you feel goes best with your theme.


    Step Four: Decorate each piece of trimmed cardstock with your images, and more embellishments.  Then, slide each one into an envelope.

    **Pro Tip:  To make this more personal, write a handwritten love note or saying on your project.


    This project is so easy and can make such a sweet, sassy, and sexy impact on it’s recipient.  Tell us how your Peak-A-Boo Scrapbook turned out!

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    Vision Board In My Pocket


    2017 is here!  Happy New Year!  Every year many of us create vision board to assist us in manifesting our goals. Vision boards are awesome! Sometimes our vision boards get placed in a corner and as the busy weeks go by, we remember our goals…just not the board we put them on.  We here at A.V. Does What!?, have figured out the PERFECT solution…a vision board wallet!  

    This easy DIY helps you create a small, wallet to contain your goals and your debit card! Let’s get started!


    1. 2 pieces of cardboard (trimmed to your ideal size, we used 5.5″x4″)
    2. Scrap of fabric (must be larger than your square)
    3. Hot glue gun
    4. Exacto Knife
    5. Velcro
    6. Scraps of felt
    7. 11x 17 Card stock
    8. Clippings and fun embellishments for your mini vision board

    Step one:  Lay your fabric down, back side facing you.  Place your square on the fabric.  Trim the excess so that there is only about 1.5″ left all around your square.  Going one side at a time, place hot glue on the edge of the square and then, fold the fabric in.  Repeat on all four sides for both squares.



    Step Two:  Trim your felt to match the dimensions of your square. 1.5″ down from the top of the felt, use your ruler to mark .25″ inward on both sides of the felt.  Then, use the straight edge to draw a line between each mark. Use your Exacto Knife to cut a slit along the line.  Repeat for both felt squares.  This forms the little pocket where you can keep dollars or your debit card.


    Step Three: Trim your 11×17 cardstock the exact width of your wallet.  Fold it accordion style. Make sure the creases meet the top and bottom of the wallet dimensions.  Add your vision board elements.  Adhere your completed accordion to the inside of the cardboard squares with hot glue or your preferred adhesive.


    Step Four:  Adhere the felt on top of the accordion.  Remember to only hot glue the perimeter.  If you add glue in the center, you will seal your pocket.


    Step Five: Trim one strip of felt as wide as your velcro squares. You can also trim velcro if needed.  Adhere two squares on the outside (back) of the wallet.  We adhered ours on either side of the (imaginary) center line of the outside of the wallet. Tie a string in the middle of the strap to make it look like a bow!


    Step Six: Adhere the matching velcro squares to the ends of the felt strips. **The strips can go vertically or horizontally.


    You’re done!  Now your vision can travel with you any where you go!  

    In the NYC area? Join us this Saturday January 28th, 2017 for a Vision Board Mapping Seminar! Visit avdoeswhat.com/events for more details.

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    Be Merry On A Budget With These DIY Holiday Cards


    Happy Holidays folks!  Time to deck the halls and trim the tree!  A big part of the merriment and fun of this time of year, is sending great holiday cards.  Sometimes those custom holiday greeting cards can be pricey. Let us show you how to DIY a great set of cards that will leave your mama, cousin and ‘nem smiling from ear to ear!

    We are going to begin our tutorial in Canva.com.  Canva is a FREE desktop design software.  There is a paid version but, everything we teach you today is available in the FREE.99 version.


    1. For this project you are going to need to create your own dimensions for your cards.  We chose a standard 6″x4″.  However, you can use whatever dimensions you want!  There are envelopes out there to fit anything!  Select Create Custom Dimensions, in the upper right hand corner of your Canva home screen.  Type in your desired dimensions in pixels, inches or millimeters.  Once your new design has been created, go ahead and create as many art boards as you need.  We only did three because we had three designs.  You can create up to 20 in one file!

    2. On the left hand side of your screen, click the elements tab.  Then, go to frames.  Select the frame that you want to pop your images into.  You can do a collage of images or a single one like we used in our designs. There are many options so you can be creative!

    3. Next, upload your desired images.  Click the green Upload Your Own Images button and upload your images from your hard drive.  Add the images to the frames.  You can alter your images by using the filter and crop options that appear at the top of your screen when an image is selected.

    4. On the left hand side of the screen, click the elements  tab.  Then, go to shapes.  Select the shape that would best fit your design.  Click inside the art board you are working on.  Then, click on your desired shape and it will appear on the board.  You can manipulate shapes by adjusting color, size, and transparency.  


    5. On the left hand side of the screen select text. Create your greeting by typing in the message you’d like to use then, adjust the font size, color and transparency using the tool bar at the top of the page.  There are also many pre-made font pairings that you can customize to fit your project.

    6. On the left hand side of the screen, type Christmas in the search bar.  There are many FREE designs that you can incorporate into your card.

    **Export your cards and print them on photo paper like THIS or cardstock like THIS.


    It’s Christmas so fancy envelopes are totally allowed!  Check out this cool way to add some holiday cheer to your envelopes!


    1. Gather your supplies.  (The supplies in the image are for the entire project, not just the envelopes…do not be alarmed! LOL!).  You will need envelopes, stamps, versamark ink, embossing gun and embossing powders.

    2. Ink up your stamp in Versamark ink.  It’s clear but, the embossing powder adheres to it really well.

    3. Sprinkle your embossing powder over the stamped area.  Make sure that you do this over a piece of paper, a glitter tray or something to catch the excess powder so you can return it to it’s container.

    4. Use your embossing gun to melt the powder and create your cool effect on the envelope!

    Don’t forget, you can use things like dimensional stickers and twine to add more holiday spirit onto your cards!  




    Have a blast creating your own unique cards!  We would love to see them!

    Happy Holidays!

    **This post contains affiliate links.

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    DIY Thanksgiving Kissing Ball


    There are two things that are exciting about Thanksgiving.  The first, is planning a delicious menu.  This is the one day of the year where everyone gets their favorite dish!  The second exciting Thanksgiving activity is finding a fun way to incorporate the changing season into your tablescape and household decor.  It’s even better when you can actually make the decorations yourself!  

    Enter the mighty and majestic pine cone!  It is a must have when you’re planning any Fall themed decor.  We used these versatile gifts from the pine tree to create an awesome centerpiece; A Thanksgiving Kissing Ball!

    Did you scratch your head when you read “Kissing Ball”?  I know, I know!  Trust me, you’ve seen them before!  They’re traditionally round and covered in silk or fresh flowers or other festive materials such as tissue paper, jewelry, and even foliage.


    Here is how we made ours:


    Step one:  Assemble all of your supplies.  You may find that you don’t have enough stems or cones to create the look that you’re going for.  It’s better to stage where the stems and cones will go BEFORE you get started so that you don’t have to run out for more supplies in the middle of your project.

    Step two:  Apply a dollop of hot glue at the bottom of your ball.  Adhere about one foot ribbon to the styrofoam ball.  Secure the ribbon at the top of the ball using florist wire.  Make sure it is secure.


    Step three:  Begin placing your grapevine balls. Our balls had sticks attached to them.  So, it was easy to press them into the styrofoam.  However, if yours don’t, simply adhere florist picks to the balls and then, press them into the styrofoam.

    Step four: Begin securing your pine cones to the ball with hot glue.  Start at the bottom and work your way up.  I added hot glue to the base of the cone and then, pressed it onto the styrofoam ball until it adhered.  **Don’t worry about there being gaps in between your pine cones and grapevine balls.  You will fill those with leaves, stems and ting ting.



    Step five:  Add your stems and ting ting in the desired places to fill up those gaps between the pine cones and grapevine balls.  Your stems and ting ting will be easy to press into the styrofoam.  However, if you feel the need to, add a small bit of hot glue where the stem or ting ting enters the styrofoam.  This will give them more stability.

    Step six:  After you’ve added the grapevine balls, pine cones, stems, and ting ting, you will need to add your silk leaves to cover any spaces that weren’t fully covered by everything else.  We added a dollop of glue on the underside of the leaf and then, pressed it into the ball.


    The result is a beautiful homage to Autumn that you can either hang on the door or use as a centerpiece as we did below.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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