A.V.’s going away party: Love Rocks

Recently I had a going away party where me and some of my good friends gathered for 2 of my favorite things, art and alcohol! We laughed, ate, drank, and made crafts.  I choose a craft that can be meaningful for all the attendees and easy enough for everyone to participate.  We made “Love Rocks!”  This is a simple activity that adults and children can have fun doing.


What you need:

1 block of polymer clay (I prefer Sculpey, it is great for beginners and less expensive you can also use different colors to swirl colors into your stone if you do not have paint).


Toothpick/clay carving tool/something pointy

Oven (I hope you have one of these)

Heat resistant glass baking pan (preferably something you wont eat from if so line it with foil)


**Optional items**

 Acrylic paint (optional if you use two or more different color blocks of clay)

Paint brushes

Sculpey glaze for a shiny finish

Rolling Pin

1) Take foil and roll it into a flattened ball to create the “skeleton” of your love rock.


 2) Condition your block of clay basically kneed it in your hand until it becomes soft and malleable. Flatten your clay my use a rolling pin for this.


3) Wrap the clay around the foil and roll it in your hands until it is seamless.


4) Take your toothpick and carve a word that is symbolic to you (i.e. Love, Peace, Joy, your name, etc) make it meaningful this is yours!


5) Place your rock on the heat resistant glass bakeware (line it with foil if you intend to use it for food again)

6) Bake your rocks at 275 degrees 20-40 mins varies are due to the thickness of your the clay.


7) Once hard and cool you can leave it as or paint and glaze accordingly!

These are the love rocks of my guests


My rock with “Love” carved on the front and the birthdays of my Mother, Father, and Grandmother.



Try it out let us know what you think!

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