A Dream Deferred: My Outdoor Entertaining Woes

via growingroomchilddevelopment.com

via growingroomchilddevelopment.com

I would like to start off by saying my backyard has been in a constant disarray for about 5 years. A dream deferred, indeed. Living in Brooklyn, NY and having a backyard (especially a sizable one) is magic, fairy dust, blessings, and lucky charms all rolled into one. I had high hopes for my back yard, but my dream was hijacked by mother nature. We have weeds: but these aren’t just any around the way weeds these weeds mean business. After years of pulling, ripping, spraying, and doing other God awful things to the earth I gave up. The formal name of this dream killer is called a Japanese knot weed.  Sounds like an assassin, here to kill all summer fun. The Japanese knot weed is almost impossible to eradicate. It grows very dense and high (over 5 ft.) with thick bamboo like stems. I think pandas and koalas live there now. My neighbors on the other hand had a brilliant idea to transform their outdoor space, pave it with cement. One day I will have my dream outdoor space. Sigh.

My nightmare.

My nightmare.

No worries.

No worries.


Yesterday, I hosted a twitter chat about “outdoor entertaining” It was great and one lucky winner won this bar essentials kit.


Many things were shared but here are some of my tips to make sure you have an awesome event!

  • Music, food, drinks, decor (not in that order) are essentials and deserve a fair amount of        thought.
  • Don’t forget the small things like: wet wipes for easy cleaning, citronella candles to keep bugs away, making sure you have enough food and checking your sound system.
  • It is ok to think out of the box for meal choices: Seafood, lamb and veggie options all make great alternatives to hamburgers and franks. This lobster grilled cheese has my mouth watering!
Via Foodie Crush.

Via Foodie Crush.


  • Another great way to keep bugs away from your drinks… cupcake liners! colorful ones look cute.

    Via tashahorsley.typepad.com

    Via tashahorsley.typepad.com

  • A new twist to a staple can be a major hit at your soiree! Like this grilled lemonade. One person suggested adding almond essence/extract to this I cannot wait to try that.
Via Oprah.com

Via Oprah.com

  • For intimate gatherings you can  hang fabric to add a nice vibe plus privacy!


What kind of entertaining do you do? Are you a grill master? Mixxy mixologist? Laid back lounger? All of the above? What tips would you like to share?


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