Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review


As a proud older sister/cousin/aunt I love tricking children into eating fruits and veggies. Nothing makes me feel happier than children asking for 2nds sometimes 3rds of you guessed it, beets and carrots. It is a sweet sigh of relief and I, A.V. am victorious against King McDiabetes, even for a moment. What I realized is the best way to get kids in the habit of loving veggies is get them involved in preparing them. Apparently the sense of ownership and feeling included is valued at an early age. That brings me to the Zoku Quick Pop Maker Review. This gem has what you need to make your own popsicles that the kids (and you) will love.

Since its debut  Zoku has expanded to other goodies including Slush & Shake Maker (great for “adult” drinks), recipe books, and tools to make works of art! I call it pop art.

How adorable

Well I can make popsicles in my freezer why should I buy this? Great question young grasshopper.  The difference between your freezer and the Zoku is it takes 7-10 minutes per popsicle. That is way faster than the good ol’ ice box. With this saved time you could do so much, like make more popsicles. You can layer different flavors for an added treat. Kids love popsicles, kids hate vegetables but if you put the veggie in the popsicle you my friend have beat the matrix.

Kids love this stuff!

Now you get it but ssshh, I have a secret to share with you. Although alcohol doesn’t freeze flat beer/malt beverages will! When the kids go to sleep all you need is 7 minutes to get the party started!

Experimenting with these boozy treats!

Pros: Making your own healthy or boozy popsicles without electricity! You freeze the unit for 24 hours before you use it and the Duo can make up to six pops before refreezing the unit. Your creativity can really soar with this product. If you have some of your smoothie left over just pour it right in for a sweet treat. If that seems too bland for you visit my pinterest board #TreatYoSelf for more ideas. This product is also BPA and Phthalate free.  The Duo is great for couples, students, smaller families, or as an addition to the original Zoku for larger families! The Zoku Duo can quickly make striped pops, yogurt pops or (for the first time ever at home) flavored core pops.

The chocolate station is a good addition.

Great for holidays,

Frozen Hot Chocolate Quick Pops!

The recipe for the Frozen Hot Chocolate is here. Also I have a tasty Dreamsicle that can be frozen as well.

Cons: After a while 7 minutes seems to take forever especially if you are making layered pops (which needs to freeze completely between layers).

You can find the entire Zoku collection from Zoku.com or at your local Williams Sonoma, Bed Bath and beyond, Amazon.com and other homewares store but the Duo is $36.95 (this one makes 2 at a time and comes with Duo Quick Pop Maker, 4 popsicle sticks, 4 drip guards, and 1 Super Tool.)

Have Fun!