What To Expect This Holiday Season: NY NOW Roundup

The Holiday season is literally around the corner and merchants are already preparing for you to enthusiastically purchase your secret Santa gift, for you “favorite” co worker. Although very early for the average consumer to think about this stuff, knowing the trends ahead of time can be beneficial. When your mom “all of a sudden” likes various shades of purple you will be prepared because you know what to expect. By the looks of it everything will be handmade this season. Not to be confused with homemade. Handmade artisans are springing up all over with their unique creations. With more and more people disgusted with “big corporations” custom gifts are taking over! Made in America or Fair Trade are a huge plus also! Places like Esty and Renagade craft fair handmade is a click away.


Last week I attended the world renowned meeca known as NY NOW. NY NOW is a trade show dedicated to all things fabulous. Drawing 35,000 attendees from all 50 states and 80+ countries, NY NOW® is produced twice annually by Emerald Expositions and is open to the trade only. Held in January and August in New York City, the Market hosts 2,800 exhibiting companies showcasing the very best lines across the home, lifestyle and gift spectrum.That is a lot of goodies! I trekked through the conference center looking for the best handmade swag that you can get your hands on here were some of my favorite shops.

The Urbansmith


“Do Epic Sh*t!” How could you not be inspired to be the best you can be after reading that. The Urbansmith aka Molly the smith, is a blacksmith with an edge. The Urbansmith creates dope necklaces in various designs including morse code, spirit animals and other awesome taglines. She does custom work also. Theurbansmith.com

Mute Object


Although a very new company, when I met the art director it was their 1st week of business their stackable rings are super adorable. Keep an eye out for them!

Fletcher and Fox


You’ll need it when you see it. This is how I felt when I saw these handcrafted arrows by Fletcher and Fox. It never dawned on me that I would desire arrows as a home accessory but it is a must have. I hope they expand to bows so I can be a festive cupid.


Good Paper


The folks at Good Paper are more than just good they are awesome! Their cards are designed locally and manufactured abroad. Being a fair trade company ensures that their employees receive a fair pay and work in an appropriate environment. Each employee has been rescued from the sex industry or orphaned because of AIDS and now has the opportunity to make a living. Great cards for a great cause!

Cotton and Flax


So much can be said about simplicity, but let’s just keep it simple. These pillows are pretty cool.  Erin Dollar,  draws each pattern by hand using brush and ink and the drawing is later transferred to a silkscreen to create multiples on textiles. Whether it is her pillows, teatowels, napkins, or coasters these clean lines and colors that pop wI’ll make a statement in your home.

Up in the air somewhere


Gold leaf paper mache bowls??? Sign me up! Up in the air somewhere is where I am sure you will find the imagination of Susan Dwyer. Delicate designs with a touch of bling will give your home the jazz you desire. Each piece is individually hand-built without the use of molds, every vessel has its own organic, one-of-a-kind character.


Matr Boomie


Another Fair Trade Company on this list but makes the them different is the seamless fusion of traditional Indian culture and modernized western flair. These artisans create beautiful jewelry, home decor and fashion accessories. Matrboomie.com

All of these hand made goodies are just a click away. If you are looking for other decor make sure you check out my business Tic Tac Wax for custom made candles!

Happy early Christmahanukwanzakah!