Vision Bored: 5 Ways To Re-energize Your Goals

It is the 1st week of June and it is a perfect time to check up on those New Year’s resolutions. *Note* the ones you made while hungover doesn’t really count. *whew* Did you lose seven of those “last 10” pounds? Did you get organized? How about spending more time with family?

If you fell off the wagon its ok I have 5 ways to put the pep back in your step.

1. Create a vision board.

Sounds simple and I am sure you have heard of the concept of a “vision board.” If you haven’t here is the scoop. Vision Boards are mentioned in the popular book, The Secret, which claims that you can attract the things you want in life through positive thinking. Vision boards are a good way to focus your thoughts on the things you want.

During Hurricane Sandy my friends and I had an awesome vision board party and in true DIY fashion we had drinks, glue, glitter, the works.  You were missed. At this time I created my “life dreams” vision board. I broke down my life goals in four sections (wealth, health, mind, spirit) and gave it a theme “Complete, Consistent, Commitment: Live, Love Without Fear.”


Little did I know I was gearing up for the most difficult year of my life. 2013 had plenty of ups and downs but I am grateful to make it to 2014. I think my vision board was an awesome tool to keeping me on track with my long term goals. You can make one digitally, the old fashion way (images that depict your goals glued to a board.) or a new twist.

2.  Create a list of the goals that are on your mind today.  

Don’t judge your ideas as you write them down thinking “I probably won’t be able to get this done.  I don’t have enough time.” Instead, simply write them down as they come to you.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about enrolling in Spanish lessons, learning how to fly fish or writing that book you’ve been thinking of for years.


3.  Next, consider how each of the goals on your list aligns with your values and  strengths.

You may be more motivated to work towards particular goals if you can see how they support your vision for what’s most important to you (your values) and what you’re good at (your strengths).   For example, if one of your top values is “healthy lifestyle” and you have a goal to “take up yoga” then you may feel excitement and satisfaction as you put your energy toward this goal.

4.  Select the top 3 goals from this list that would have the greatest overall benefit to you right now. 

While you may have dozens of goals, it’s best to narrow down your scope until you see progress with just a few.  You might even choose to focus on only one goal at a time.  The choice is yours!


5.  Brainstorm the steps required to achieve your desired results for each of these top 3 goals.

Start by writing down every action that comes to mind, no matter how big or small, until you feel as though you have a healthy list for each goal.  Initially, you don’t need to worry about the proper sequence but it’s helpful to have the entire list in front of you so you can evaluate the types of tasks that lie ahead of you.  There are times when you might feel stuck simply because you don’t know where to begin – so this list will be invaluable to get you moving in the right direction.

It is never too late to get back in the game you have 6 months to make it right.

Source The Real Journey

A.V. is an artrepreneur creating in Bed Stuy, Do or DIY Brooklyn. She loves all things funny, artsy, decor, and 90′s hip hop. is a Do It Yourself blog about her navigating through life crafting along the way. She enjoys long walks on the beach and professional flourishing on a full time basis.