This Is The Remix: 10 #Trapcovers That Are Too Funny For Words

Now you know I am all here for a good remix. That is exactly what I found when I stumbled upon the hashtag #Trapcovers on Twitter. Talented Twitter users (started by@ILLCapitano94) took pop song and gave them “Trap Makeovers.” in retaliation to the bland covers given to Rihanna’s Work and Beyonce’s Formation. We need Twitter to start giving out record deals, seriously. Watching these clips also proved to me everyone has a recording studio in their home. Here are of my 10 favorite #Trapcovers.

“Fireworks”-Katy Perry

“A Thousand Miles” -Vanessa Carlton

“America The Beautiful”- Francis Scott Key

“Hey There Delilah” – Plain white T’s

“Bad Blood” Taylor Swift

Spongebob SquarePants Theme Song


“Let it Go” Frozen Theme Song

“She Will Be Loved”- Maroon 5

Friends Theme Song

“Hit Me Baby One More Time” – Brittney Spears

My Own Parody Remix