This Is How To Host The Most Epic Game Night, Ever

Although I like to use awesome adjectives (i.e awesome) in my everyday speech there is something about the word epic that I really love…

ˈepik/ADJ: the telling of a story about a hero or about exciting events or adventures. very great or large and usually difficult or impressive.

That’s the only way I could describe the game night I hosted a couple of weeks ago for a few friends. Many of my friends were in town for the Nomadness Travel Tribe Conference, and being the host that I am, I decided to entertain a few of my fellow Nomads. When I say a few I really mean 150 people, but I digress. Now you don’t have to accommodate that many people but here are a few tips about the essentials you need for your next epic shindig.


You need people or you have no party. The more beautiful the better but that’s optional.


Theme and Ambience

I’m a sucker for anything themed. My party was called “Game night at the trap house.” We had some ’90s arcade games on the outdoor projector and played some old-school hip hop. Lights, table settings and music all add to the mood.


Have Something For Everyone

Everyone isn’t a master spades player. Confession: I don’t even know how to play. Please don’t judge me. Whether it’s card/board/video games, boozy beverages and/or mingling with folks — try to meet everyone’s needs.


Learn how to jazz up your Jenga game here.

Super Mario Monopoly

My good friends at USAopoly gifted us with this Collector’s Edition of Monopoly. When I saw this game I was completely floored.  This certainly made things more interesting. What is awesome about USAopoly is that they recreate traditional games and add a pop culture element like this Super Mario Brothers meets Monopoly.


My projector from InFocus, is really one of the best things that has ever happened to me. The picture quality is top notch initially I thought I would need an additional screen but projecting on the wall worked out beautifully!  We hooked it up so we can play old school video games in the backyard! Great times.

All Hands On Deck

If you have decent friends they will offer to help. If you have a friend that’s a master mixologist, put her in charge of the drinks, forever. The more people help the more you get to party!


Do you like game nights? What is your favorite game of choice?