The World’s Greatest Pizza Party!

It was a normal Wednesday evening, I was home curled up with my main boo, WordPress. As I have multiple windows open, I saw the most amazing thing on my Facebook timeline. Pizza is having a birthday party? Yes, the cheesy goodness celebrated its birthday last night in where else? Brooklyn. 125 years ago Raffaelo Esposito invented the world’s most perfect food and these guys A Razor, A Shiny Knife , Ronen VMr. GifJonathan MannAnamanaguchiUnderground Eats and Shock Top Beer threw The World’s Greatest Pizza Party!  FREE pizza from EVERY DAMN PIZZERIA IN NYC and FREE beer.

Pizza flag

Over 400 boxes of pizza were consumed.

Pizza Day

Even the scooter wanted some. #PizzaDay.


Meatloaf wants to know what love is but my heart knows it is pizza!


I don’t drink beer but this was pretty tasty!

20140611_214955We all know pizza, beer and art go together like, I don’t know [Insert something clever here]. Here we have free portraits made from…


Tomato paste.


This is me… not too shabby to be made from produce. Check out A Razor, A Shiny Knife  is an educational, social and theatrical culinary experience. If you want to learn more about events like this (in advanced) follow them!    So much pizza so little time.

Where is your favorite pizza spot?  Friday nights are you digging into Dominoes or some thing local?