The Number 24




The number 24! means absolutely nothing… until I looked it up lol.

I’m not into numerology but I did decide to see if it had any meaning.  The number is pretty cool according to numerology folks the number 24 stands for Love, Money & Creativity.  We love all of those things but I didn’t intend to speak on this.

There are 24 hours in a day, 365 days a year that’s Five hundred twenty-five thousand
Six hundred minuteseeesssss….. How do you measure, measure a year? (That was for my musical theater people)  That means you have 365 chances in a year to change (or start to change) anything you aren’t happy with.  Too skinny? Too fat? Too poor? Too lonely? Every day is a new opportunity to make a change.  It is VERY hard if you are making big changes but it is possible… i.e. Me




When I was in undergrad I transferred from one school to another for financial reasons. I was completely depressed afterwards.  I was eighteen I didn’t understand why I couldn’t be free to learn where I wanted just because I was broke.  Where was the occupy movement then? *sucks teeth*.  Well once I adjusted to my new school I began to squander every opportunity afforded to me. Every single last one. I only attended classes that were my major I didn’t care any more now that I think about it I was striving to fail.  I had professors that wanted to pass me I could see it in their eyes (what you meeeaaaannnnn you want me to do well in life *scoff*) and they would tell me what I needed and I did the complete opposite why??? I didn’t care getting good grades didn’t matter because if you were poor you didn’t have a real chance to succeed anyway.  Sheesh, I really need to know where those occupy kids were back then most likely in the 5th grade.  Fast forward a year and a half later The letter came in the mail.  Oh yeah, the we are going to cancel your financial aid because you don’t have enough credits, you don’t have enough credits because you went to class 3 times a week and you are going to have to explain to your grandmother who spent large amounts of money to send you to a private high school why she shouldn’t kill you with a hot pot of curry goat letter aka academic probation




Yea something like this…

WTF!?!?!? How did I fall this far from my self proclaimed grace??? I started to really think hard about life and where mine is going.  That year was also the last for many people I knew… oh it just got real.  People who participated in the same activities I did and their outcome are becoming harsher than mine.  I knew I had another chance and I could no longer misuse it because I am sad.  I also began to look at people I knew who had “fun” just like me but they are excelling.  What was the difference between us?  I have never been dull-witted so it wasn’t lack of intelligence.  None of us had serious disabilities to my knowledge.  What was it??? NOTHING! I was a young able-bodied person with 24 hours in the day just like everyone else.  Then I thought bigger than my peers what was the difference between Oprah and I? Nothing.  Me and Michael Jordon? Nothing.  Me and Ric Flair? Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.  We all had 24 hours!




Yes there is no difference between Ric Flair and myself WOO!

We just used our time differently.  I started practicing my own concept of “24” making everyday count!  The following semester I was no longer on probation, a year from that I was on the Dean’s list and 2 semesters from then I was graduating with honors from the Communication department.  Take it one day at a time. Days turn into weeks, weeks into years, years into your life.

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