The Calphalon Don: Martha Stewart’s Greatest Moments In Hip Hop

When you hear the name Martha Stewart you usually don’t think of heavy base lines and dope beats but “The Calphalon Don” isn’t a new jack.  

The 72-year old lifestyle maven is a hip hop fan and after her 5 month bid (and 5 months home confinement) she may have more street cred than Rick Ross your favorite rapper.  After her release she told the Associated Press “Bring ‘em down a notch, to scare other people. If Martha can be sent to jail, think hard before you sell that stock.” Who says these things??? A craftin’ gangsta that’s who. During her time in the white-collar facility her net worth more than tripled, bringing her total net worth to over $1 billion. Imagine if she stabbed someone? Cha-ching! This is how you are supposed commit crimes, Remy Ma.

She made a name for herself as a stockbroker with the small firm Monness, Williams and Sidel. In a true resourceful fashion, she reportedly used her looks to her advantage in board meetings by occasionally showing up in hot pants. Use what you got to get what you want. “M. Diddy,” what the inmates called her used to be a model in her former life so this makes sense.  Models and rappers go together like Mod Podge and glitter.  Clearly Stewart isn’t a geek off the street, handy with the stainless steel if you know what I mean, earned her keep. Here are some of Martha Stewart’s greatest moments in Hip Hop.


Martha and camron


That time she gave a shout out to her peeps “Up North” and Busta bigged up Filpmode. What’s da dilly shun?

 The time her and Snoop Dogg and Lion made mashed potatoes. Then special brownies.

When he taught her this valuable lesson.

M. Diddy vs P.Diddy: How can P. Diddy teach someone about rap?  This is like a Spy vs Spy inception.

Big Boi, where is Mr. 3000? 

Eminem is her fav rapper and she is using her klout to put the pressure on him to drop a new album. Hmmm, I wonder if this will work on Dr. Dre? The Detox…Diet.


Real Gs fold paper, this time it is origami with Ludacris. 

martha and usher

And every thug needs a ride or die boo. 

Play on playa!