The Big Easy Décor Tour


Welcome to the big easy

Hey Baaaaybae! I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans for the 1st time recently (aka I got back last night). It was a blast and it may be coming for San Francisco spot as my second favorite city in the U.S. of A. The Big Easy is known for drinking, dining and debauchery but outside of Bourbon street its décor scene is noteworthy. During The Big Easy décor tour I saw plenty of awesome designs, mostly on Magazine Street.  This is where you can find cool vintage shops and higher end décor with a down home feel. For those of us not fortunate enough to live in The French Quarter here are some tips to easily incorporate “The Big Easy” in your home décor.


Oddity is the norm

The weirder it looks the better off you will be. Vintage or items that seem one of a kind are your best bet.



“Use Whatchu’ Got To Get Whatchu Want”

The art in New Orleans is amazing. Bright colors and subtle yet stark shadows fill homes and streets across the city. Being a resourceful bunch a lot of it is painted in old cabinet doors repurposed as wall art.



Don’t Be Scare of Color, or Ghosts

Houses in “The Boot” are bright, vibrant and full of soul. Seeing a home painted in shades of pink, yellow, green with purple doors are pretty common, even celebrated. If you are tinting your home to favor ‘da Quarter” don’t forget the paint your ceiling (of your porch) in a shade of blue it is said to ward off ghosts. If you don’t believe the hype get some haunting inspired art.






Details, Détails, Detalles

Scalloped, twisted and curved are all common themes of NOLA décor as well as the Fleur de lis. This symbol is EVERYWHERE stores, homes, sporting teams, gifts, even trashcans. Fleur de lis. is a prominent image with a horrific past. During slavery, each time fugitive slaves were caught they were branded with the image and after the third time the punishment was death. Nothing really festive about that. Much like their Parisian peers with an equally murderous past (Think Marie Antoinette and other massacres) The City of New Orleans were able to use great PR tactics and re-identify the motif making it an icon.  Some even consider it a mark of strength and courage after Hurricane Katrina.



Old is the New, New

Rustic is the way to go everything appears to be aged and stripped yet still colorful. Must be the ghost of HGTV past keeping this in tip top shape. You can age your items with sandpaper. Peel back layers of paint to reveal other colors underneath.



With French and Spanish architectural influences and its own jazzy flavor a New Orleans style is certainly a cool concept for your quarters. What do you think? Is ‘Nawlins decor too much for you or right up your alley?