The Best Snacks of the Summer

Traveling, sun, relaxation, my birthday are all reasons that makes summer the glorious season that it is. As it gets darker outside and the leaves change color I want to take a moment and reflect on the best part of summer, food. Of course the staples are everything BBQ (including Jerk Chicken) but this summer I veered and had some interesting bites including fried rhubarb pie, extra virgin olive oil ice cream and alligator nuggets. Here are the best snacks of the summer.

1) Lobster BLT

I got this gem from the Food Network featured “dive bar,” Yankee Lobster Company in Boston. Very laid back vibe and nice people. Seriously how can you go wrong with this? They had me at…bacon. Only a Lionel Ritchie song can describe the love I have for this sandwich. Hmm or maybe a Meatloaf tune.

2) Olive Oil Ice Cream

Olive Oil Ice Cream

I was very skeptical about eating ice cream I thought would ultimately taste like spaghetti. Now before you douse this cone in pasta sauce, try it! Although it has a buttery taste the sweet cream kicks in at the right time. Find this and other unique ice cream flavors at Oddfellows Creamery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (NYC).

3) Alligator Nuggets


NOLA BABY! ‘Gator is what I tried along with plenty hand grenades when I visited The Big Easy. *Spoiler Alert* it does taste like chicken. I also HIGHLY RECOMMEND their Charbroiled Oysters.

4) Pizza

20140808_145307_6980 (1)

When it comes to “Nu Yawk” we are known for pizza and attitude but if you had the best wouldn’t you be a little cocky? Anywho. Grimaldi’s in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn is infamous for having at least an hour wait to be seated. Fortunately there is Julianna’s. I prefer plain cheese pizza but they have plenty of toppings. I will let you in on a little secret, Mr. Grimaldi owns both locations so you are getting the same cheesy goodness so Fugetaboutit.  Good luck finding a better pizza slice later.  

5) Fish and Chips


The Food Network strikes again I saw this quaint shop years before I moved to Brooklyn and it took me years later to try it. This place has a British spin to it and includes all types of fish and chips just like across the pond! They also fry everything else, so proceed with caution (aka extreme excitement)

This is just a tip of the iceberg but I will like to add I am using the word “snacks” loosely, these are full meals. Sometimes you just have to #treatyoself but gaining unnecessary weight? Ain’t Nobody Gat Tahm Fo’ Dat! 

What were some of your favorite summer snacks?