The Best Burgers To Try This 4th Of July

Dry burgers, wrinkled dogs, *Glances at what appears to be potato salad but you aren’t sure.* Sigh. I’m just saying you can do better.  Sometimes you want to add a little pizzazz to the menu, nothing wrong with that. Fire up the grill and check out the best burgers to try this 4th of July.


Green-Chile Burger With Fried Eggs.


grilled tomatoe burger

Grilled Tomato Ketchup with Grilled Onions and Yellow Pepper.


Ultimate-Sriracha-BurgeUltimate Sriracha Burger

[Recipe] One day I will share with you why I had a family sized bottle of Sriracha in my purse but until then enjoy the burger.



Jalapeno POP Burgers



Chickpea Burger With Tahini Sauce

Although my mother may or may not be anti vegan, I could’t have a post about burgers and leave out my veggie friends.



What are some of your favorite burger recipes?