Tech Haul For All Your Blogging and Vlogging Needs

What camera do you use? Do you edit with iMovie, Final Cut, Premiere? What about lighting? Do you have a microphone? These are all crucial questions when it comes to content creation. To answer them I had a tech haul to explain exactly what I use at home and abroad.

I have three cameras plus my phone to accomplish my filming goals. By all means you don’t need that many but invest in good lighting or good Ol’ fashioned daylight to get the job done.

What I Use

My DSLR camera is a Canon T4i I use it for most of my Youtube videos. It is awesome and works best in manual mode. I use a GoPro Hero4 Silver edition as a supplemental/action camera It allows me to take beautiful shots under water and I strap it to anything to get really good moving shots. As another supplemental camera I use the Canon Powershot Elph 160. It is great when I don’t want to take my J.R. out of the house (J.R. is my DSLR).


For my Persicopes, live chats using my phone, and other videos on the go I use the Magnus TB 200Y it a flexible mini tripod and wraps around everything I also use the Gorillapod to do the same thing for my DSLR.  They are both portable and lightweight. As a more traditional tripod I use the Targus TG-6660TR. It is study and pretty inexpensive. My shoulder rig, Revo SR-1000 allows me to create smooth and steady shots.


My studio set up is pretty simple when it comes to lights. I use 3 standard clamp lights with Phillips CFL Daylight bulbs and cover the unit wax paper to diffuse the light, DIY style. On the road it is a bit different. I use the Genaray dimmable light that goes on top of my Canon T4i to light subjects when I am in the field. For my audio needs Azden SMX-10 shotgun microphone.

Watch the video below to see the rest of my low cost DIY film tricks. Also subscribe to my Periscope channel for more life hacks on the go.


What did I miss? Bloggers and vloggers what is on your equipment wishlist?