Life and Lyrics: “Stay Low, Keep Firing” The Notorious B.I.G

For those of you that are new here my name is A.V. and I love hip hop. So much so that I have managed to tie hip hop into DIY, clothing and everyday life.

“Stay Low Keep Firing”

this lyric is from “Kick In The Door” by The Notorious B.I.G
This line of prose may be my life’s mantra. I lied it is my mantra. When asked what is the single best advice I  have ever received more often than not it I will quote this lyric. Now what the livest one from Bedford Stuyvesant describes is more of surviving while engaging in illegal activities but it doesn’t have to just be that way.

Let’s break it down

Stay Low is the equivalent of keeping my head down and completing my tasks. Between family, friends, social media there is a lot of noise in this world. With that noise it is extremely easy to get caught up in things that will distract me from my purpose. Although my head is down I will not be stagnant. I must continue to progress towards my goals.

Which leads me to…

Keep Firing is encouragement to go forth and live your best life. Who doesn’t want that? Yes obstacles will come but you   Watch my video below to get more insight why this means so much to me. Also make sure you read what I learned from Mobb Deep.



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