Scandal Snacks: Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner


Last week was the season premiere of “Scandal.” I loooove Scandal the fast talking, fast walking, everything is so fast! Scandal is a show that has quickly filled the void that Law and Order: SVU created once Det. Stabler left the show (it still hurts but the Lord works in mysterious ways) back to Scandal… to celebrate I made some #ScandalSnacks!

 Episode 1 was called “It’s Handled” and they were right! We had “Defiance Deviled Eggs,” “Cold as Cyrus Cucumber Pinwheels,” “Fitz’s 1st lady fruit punch” (with chocolate sauce) and “Unconstitutional Abby (apple) mini pies.” Basically a recap of previous episodes.  I thought it was a cool idea to make my current favorite show an “event” vs just T.V. watching so I am going to keep it going.  More themed snacks (because I really love snacks.)


I took it upon myself to look up the names of each episode in advanced on IMDB because I am obsessed and take this seriously. Episode 2 is called “Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner.”  Who is it? Your guess is as good as mine but I have a special guests of my own, my younger sisters! They don’t watch Scandal often (I think they are adopted) but we are going to have “Gladiator In a Suit” Salmon Puffs, and “What is Harrison Hiding” Hibiscus Punch.  Now if you are a Scandal fan you know what “Gladiator In A Suit” means, it is the ultimate pep talk that started with Harrison and is used frequently during the show. Whenever someone is feeling out of it they are reminded that they are gladiators!!!

Who do you think is coming to dinner? I think Jake is coming back not sure but it would be nice. #TeamJake