The Corkcicle Vs NYC Summer Heat: Why You Need This Water Bottle Now

Another day another water bottle. It seems like every year there is a new requirement we need to adhere to when purchasing water bottles.

This of course has lead me to purchase a new bottle, Every. Single. Year. November  2015 the year of our Lord I may have found my match with The Corkcicle. I received this bottle as a gift for attending Oprah’s “Favorite Things” Blogger Brunch. If this is one of O’s favs it has to be awesome right? Spoiler alert it is awesome. Now I starting using this product during the winter months but it is pretty easy to keep water cold when blizzards are on fleek


Corksicle glossbiscaybay_side
It wasn’t until the 1st hot day in NYC my life changed. For starters I was excited that sunlight was a possibility. Honestly I was beginning to believe the sun got laid off because of budget cuts.  Summer said don’t call it a comeback… I been here for years. It was a sweltering day and I was outside for most of the day. No bueno. Although  I did leave the house prepared with my Corkcicle filled with water, I was not prepared for it to run out. 
Corksicle 16oz_glosscaribbeangreen
I didn’t have access to water but I did put I have plenty of ice. Sounds pretty simple right? Put ice in a bottle it will melt and you will have water. Not so fast young A.V. The ice was in my Corkcicle for hours and not one ounce of water was produced. What is wrong with this ice? Is this some kind of GMO non organic ice? Nothing was wrong with the ice but what I did find out is what made this water bottle so special. To my surprise it was not sorcery.
This stainless steel bottle keeps drinks ice cold for up to 25 hours without freezing even longer for drinks containing ice. Yeaaa so that explains why my ice cubes were colder than a polar bear’s [insert something witty and cold here]  for several hours. The Corkcicle is available in an array of colors as well as finishes (matte/brushed/gloss) and sizes (9oz-60oz). Now you don’t have to carry a clunky cooler around it is perfect for cozy picnics, outdoor movies and BYOB events that NYC summers are notorious for. Corkcicle: 1 NYC Summer: 0
Game, Blouses.

How do you keep your beverages cold during the summer?