DIY Fall Centerpiece Using Latte Bottles

Welcome to another installment of “Prettyscope,” it is when I make pretty DIY videos on Periscope. Simple right? Great.  Fall is in full swing and with Thanksgiving is around the corner that means family, good food, and decor! I can help with crafts and food ideas but you have to deal with your drunk uncle on your own. I love to repurpose things (it may be one of my superpowers) so after I drank these bottles of delicious bottles of Illy Issimo Italian Espresso I knew it needed a second life.


What better way to revamp a glass bottle? Make a CENTERPIECE! Duh.


The best thing is the items I used are so inexpensive you can get this done today, no procrastination necessary.


What I Used

  • An Illy Iced coffee bottle (other bottles with a similar size/shape will work)
  • Branches and acorns from outside
  • Twine
  • Multi colored flat bead vase fillers
  • Dried Baby Breath (optional but you can get that from your local florist)


Watch the video for all the instructions!


What is your favorite Thanksgiving Craft?