4 Essential Tips For The New World Traveler

โ€œTell your best friend, โ€œGirl get your paperwork rightโ€ โ€“Drake So you finally got your passport and you are ready to collect stamps and explore the world. International travel is fun and exciting and sometimes a bit overwhelming, but heres a few tips to help you get your feet wet in globetrotting: Research Your DestinationRead more

Celebrate Your Birthday Year-Round With This Boozy Birthday Cake Milkshake

boozy birthday cake milkshake

Go Shorty its ya birthday, we gon’ party like its ya birthday! Is it your birthday? Doesn’t matter. It is someone’s birthday somewhere and better yet it is 5 O’clock somewhere. Now let’s partaaaay with a boozy milkshake. I made this shake using milk, Pinnacle Cake Vodka and my Unicorn ice cream! It is so deliciousRead more