Omega J8006 Nutrition System Juicer Review

Recently, I have been on a health kick to jump start the new year and for my upcoming vacation to Trinidad. Last week I highlighted my favorite workout app & this week I will spotlight this AMAZING juicer, The Omega J8006 Nutrition System Juicer.

20150102_212128Anyone who has seen the documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead can testify about the benefits of juicing.  Juicing allows you to get all nutrients that you might of skipped in your daily diet.  When you can’t think of 100 new ways to prepare kale, juicing is beneficial. The Omega J8006 is a masticating juicer aka amazing, I will explain. Masticating juicers are low speed and squeezes your produce vs grinding (like most common centrifugal juicers).  The J8006’s low speed (80 RPMs)  helps prevent oxidation and allows you to store your yummy juices for up to 72 hours without degradation.  What I enjoy the most about my Omega is that it really extracts a lot of the juice from your fruits and veggies! The low speed also makes it possible to get juice from produce that are otherwise difficult to juice i.e. wheatgrass and citrus fruits (rinds included).


Look mom, no juice it is all in my cup!

With a price tag of $299.99 is it worth it? The short answer is yes! Omega stays true to its name by being an entire system versus just a “juicer.” This gem has different nozzles and screens that makes it able to be a multi-use appliance which is always appreciated.  The Omega can be used as food processor, grinder, homogenizer, and even a pasta extruder! Being able to make various nut butters, frozen desserts, salsa, baby food, even hummus you won’t run out of options.

Spinach, Kale, Lemon, Green Apple, and Pineapple. Yes.


  • Easy to clean with removable dishwasher safe parts.
  • Quiet and easy to use.
  • 15 Year warranty.
  • Attractive black and chrome exterior


  • Having to cut fruits and veggies into small pieces for it to fit.
  • Cost.
  • Not as fast as other juicers.

I recommend this product only if you have the time and desire to juice and ready for the commitment. With the all health benefits today should be the day, right?