Not There Yet: 29 thoughts at 29

I turned 29 a little over a week ago and the celebration was amazing. immaculate, majestic, etc. Slight exaggeration but still really good. Had a picnic with my family/friends, tried escargot for the 1st time (to celebrate Bastille Day/France’s Independence Day aka my Birthday), went to an old school arcade, jumped Double Dutch in Times Square, saw a Broadway show and ended up signing Backstreet Boys in a pizza shop with my friend and a cast member from the musical Holler If Ya Hear Me. Needless to say it was a great day and I realized I really can’t sing.



Here are 29 thoughts at 29.

  1. I really love my family. I believe if we weren’t related I would still like them.
  2. Who made 30 the number to be “petrified” of? Why not 28 or 32?
  3. I am more inclined to say “that’s fine” nowadays. It saves so much energy. No need to get worked up over small things.
  4. I have earned the right to do whatever I want.
  5. It is a challenge to find something to do for the first time, that isn’t illegal but it is possible and it feels awesome when it does happen. This year I want to celebrate more “firsts” than “lasts.”
  6. I never want to be able to personally identify with a Jhene Aiko song. So much teen like heartbreak it is like being 14 forever, Still catchy.
  7. My phone is glued to my hand and I wish it wasn’t.
  8. I hope I will never give up my desire to dance.
  9. I put on a crop top but spent an hour alternating between a skirt, jeans and the right shorts, I felt too naked. “Modesty” is lame.
  10. Multitasking has worked for awhile but it might be time to break up. As I have 15 tabs open on the computer.
  11. Nothing makes you feel older than dropping a “Captain Planet” reference and the 17 year olds stare at you in silence. They. Have. No. Idea. Who. I. Am. Talking. About. That sound you hear is my mind being blown.
  12. I like socializing but I love being alone…maybe too much.
  13. I do miss being around my siblings.
  14. I don’t like people who don’t like children or have no patience with them. Not to be confused with people who don’t want to be parents.
  15. I am petrified of pregnancy, childbirth, until the child can walk/talk but kids love me. A.V. luh da kids.
  16. It is so hard to bounce back after you fall in love with an app and it shuts down. What am I supposed to do now??? I am looking at you Springpad.
  17. Some folks are committed and invested in never understanding you, that’s fine.
  18. I know people tend to get more sensitive when they get older but I am sensitive now. I have no idea how that is play out in 35 years.
  19. I want to learn about everything but this tends to distract me.
  20. I need to read more.
  21. I hated cow’s milk as a child even after all the “Got Milk?” ads now everyone drinks non dairy milk. Ha! A.V.: 1 Society: 0.
  22. I want to see the world more than anything.
  23. One day everyone I love will pass on and it gives me anxiety.
  24. I am at peace with being unapologetic about with what and who I can and cannot tolerate.
  25. I recognize that I don’t have to be everything to everyone.
  26. Relationships are amazing, people’s idolization of relationships is what turns me off. Basically, I hate your guru love advice memes.
  27. Never trust a man with a nose ring, that isn’t Tupac.
  28. I really have to make art/being creative work for me as a career. No plan B only several variations of Plan A. I really hate 9-5 corporate jobs and they hate me too.
  29. I am awesome and I think you are awesome too, yes you.

I am excited to see what the future brings. I know my thoughts have changed completely since I turned 25 which was another epic birthday celebration by the way. Some things about me are never going to change and other things? ehh who knows…Stay tuned.

For your viewing pleasure here are some clips from the festivities.