Meet The App That Will Make You Give Up Your Gym Membership



With the new year in full swing how are your resolutions going? Have you given up or hanging in there? I know many of us are on a quest to live healthier lives but are faced with constant obstacles. We never seem to have enough of time or money for a fancy gym membership. If you have been following me for some time you may remember my post “The Poor Woman’s Guide To Weight Loss,” where I chronicled my adventures in healthy living. Within the post I described exactly what I did to lose 70lbs!


That was 7 years ago…


Much like anything, after 7 years it is time to review what needs stay and what needs to go. What needs to stay is my NIKE app. Nike Training Club is a FREE app for iPhone and Android dedicated to fitness. I mentioned how it helped me in the past but it has grown so much over the years.


This app allows you to create programs according to your fitness goals, you to earn bonuses for staying on task, gives video instructions of each exercise, and more. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced modes to suit your needs as well. With progressive routines along with occasional pep talks from respected athletes you will feel like a stallion in no time.  Speaking of time with 15, 30, and 45 minutes circuits you are able to choose the best one for you.



We all know that if you didn’t post it on social media it didn’t happen, right? This app has you covered. You can easily share your goals on various networks and your friends can cheer you on. Go you!

What this app won’t do is: Work out for you, suggest drugs or surgery, help you keep it off but I am sure you won’t need that.


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Good luck!