Meet Curacao

Meet CURACAOIn the last year of my 20’s I have decided to have more “firsts” than “lasts” and traveling to the beautiful island of Curacao was a new first for me. Curacao is a unique paradise and quite different from other Island experiences I have had. Curacao is in the Caribbean and rounds out the “ABC” Islands, which includes Aruba and Bonaire.  Quiet yet lively because of its colorful landscape it is by far one of the sexiest place I have ever been. The entire country has mood lighting which is amazing and awkward at the same time.

My 5 day stay there was not only relaxing but it was affordable.  I used to find a beautiful bungalow for $50/per night! Speaking of monaaaayyyy for those traveling with USD currency I have good news, you don’t have to change your dollars. Most establishments accept money from the United States. For every dollar you will receive about $1.79 (ANG). With the average person in Curacao speaking up to four languages Papiamento (a Creole language containing elements of Portuguese, French, as well as Arawak and African languages), Dutch, Spanish and English it is hard for you to feel out of place.  I can go on and on about Curacao but  here are some of my favorite moments.

Having some delicious food.20150606_110750 20150606_111052This is Keshi Yena, a Curaçaoan main dish consisting of a large round ball of cheese stuffed with spiced meat, served steamed or baked.

Seeing where Dutch architecture and Caribbean colors collide in the capital city of Willemstad.  







This goes without saying the beaches are GORGEOUS! The island is so small (171 sq. Miles) you can literally see the water from any point of the country.



GOING SNORKELING! This was a frightening experience but exciting. Watch the video below to see 1st hand.


Stay tuned for Meet Curacao part 2!