Operation MacGyver

Happy New Year! We are about two weeks in how is it going for you? What are your resolutions? Are you keeping up with them?  Initially my New Year’s “resolution” was to continue to be awesome, but I decided to pick something a little more concrete. if you didn’t already notice I love “Do It Yourself” projects. I also love the idea of upcycling and repurposing to create unique pieces for my living space.  Using my hands to create things from scratch makes me feel resourceful like MacGyver. if you don’t know who MacGyver is I don’t know I’d we can be friends. Just kidding… kinda.


How can you not want to know him?

MacGyver was this 80s television show about a secret agent by the same name. Simple concept but the “It factor” that made the show a cult classic is he would get himself out of the craziest situations with very limited resources i.e. A paper clip. He could fix an abandoned plane with popiscle sticks and chewing gum then fly everyone to safety right before the deserted island blows up (check season 2 episode 37)* I hope I never need those skills but that’s impressive!  Then it dawned on me to make my 2014 resolution to become more resourceful. I don’t have an outline of what this includes/excludes but essentially it is making anything I would normally buy. This could be decor, beauty products, even food. I think this will be interesting and if for no other reason besides saving money I will become a valuable asset during the zombie apocalypse.


MacGyver is like the Chuck Norris of Impossible Do It Yourself projects. as a challenge I have come up with #operationmacgyver feel free to join me! Whenever you build, cook/bake, make, or fix something and you are proud of it upload with #OperationMacGyver on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and I will repost them!  Thinking about picking up knitting? Upload it!  I am working on revamping some ikea furniture here is a sneak peek.


Random: I can’t believe it is 2014 already, where are the flying cars?

* This episode didn’t happen.

~ A.V.