Luck of The Irish: 5 Cocktails To Try For St. Patrick’s Day or Any Day



Let’s be honest a lot of people fall into this category of  “celebrating” St. Patrick’s Day. That is fine but if you aren’t into bar hopping or the possibility of being puked on you may want to try these 5 cocktail recipes at home.

1) Emerald Rain


The green color comes not from Midori (gasp!), but from Hpnotiq mixed with orange juice. Very pretty and very drinkable! Get the recipe here.

2) Boozy Shamrock Shake


Bring all the boys to the yard with this boozy shake. Recipe here.

3) Irish Julep


On your mark, get set, drink! Use whiskey instead to put a spin on this traditional racetrack drink. Recipe.

4) Sparkling Green Sangria

All that sparkles is (a pot of) gold. That isn’t how the phrase goes but here is the recipe.


5) Irish Cream


You cannot go wrong with Irish Cream with a few ingredients you will be sipping in no time. Recipe


Drink up!