Life and Lyrics: Ain’t No Such Thing As Half Way Crooks

“Ain’t No Such Thing As Half Way Crooks

Scared to death, Scared to look, They shook.” This lyric is from the 1994 song “Shook Ones” by “The Infamous” Mobb Deep. In this post I am going to dig into the invaluable life lessons I received from this one lyric.



Now this line much like other lyrics that inspire me has a completely different interpretation than mine. Remember when I wrote a post about the different uses of coconut oil because of the song “I am in love with the coco…” Spoiler alert “Coco” is not coconut oil, go figure. While Prodigy and Havoc are rhyming about various things in this song I learned a valuable lesson about goal setting.

If you are going to do something whether it is illegal or not You need the following:

  • Fearlessness
  • Intentional Energy
  • Consistency


“Shook” is slang (mostly used in the 90s) for being scared. In order to really tackle your dreams you have to let go of that fear. Fear creates the space for self sabotage. Fear breeds complacency. Fear tells you irrational things like “you aren’t good enough” and will remind you of this when you ultimately fail. Breaking this cycle is way easier said than done but that leads to the next point.

Intentional Energy

Being intentional will singlehandedly change your life. Each day, decide to be intentional with everything. Spend time with yourself and investigate why you are doing the things you are doing. Good or bad there is a reason. If you don’t like the reason it is time to shift your energy. By doing this you are telling those around you that you are not letting life “happen” and you refuse to be a victim to circumstance.


You’ve ditched your fears and see the value of being intentional, great! It means nothing if you do it inconsistently. Dear friends consistency is what the glue that holds your life together. Consistency guarantees results in every situation. Only exercise once a month? How is that working out? The only way to achieve your goals is if you intentionally decide to be completely consistent and committed to them. After all ain’t no such thing as half way crooks…



*NOTE* You shouldn’t be a crook but what else rhymes with shook?

Watch the video to have your own interpretation. Word is bond…