Jerk Chicken: The Rudest and Most Delicious Chicken Ever


This is the best way to have Jerk Chicken prepared. Photo Credit: 
If you know me in real life or follow me on any social network (if you aren’t, here is time to fix that) you know my affinity for spicy food. Indian, Thai, Mexican, all of it. “Extra spicy please” is a request I often make when dining out while the waiter looks at me like I’ve lost my mind. Those dishes are all great but I have special love for Caribbean food. The island vibe is colorful and laid back  You can taste the culture in the cuisine. Like a vacation on a plate.

While you are trying to smell the ocean from your dish I will discuss one of my favorite meals in the whole wide world, jerk chicken. For those who don’t know, “jerk” chicken isn’t poultry with a bad attitude. Maybe the spice is disrespectful to some. Hmmm…interesting. It is a marinade and technique used on any form meat, seafood, even tofu!  Jerk has roots in the Caribbean specifically, Jamaica. Yea mon! The “jerk” is full of various spices  and peppers to give it a complex taste. Once marinated preferably overnight it can be baked or grilled to perfection. For many reasons I argue that this rude bird may be the best in the world.

  1. It has the health benefits of grilled or baked chicken without the boring taste.
  2. The thrill of a cheat from your diet is high, “this taste so good it must be bad for me.” Fortunately you won’t feel any eater’s remorse like when you eat other meals I am talking about you, fried chicken. Your arteries applaud your decision making skills.
  3. Thyme heals all.  Thyme can kill MSRA bacteria, which lead to staph infections and other inflammations. What does Jerk seasoning have? You guessed it, Thyme.
  4. Allspice, know as Jamaican pepper or pimento a key ingredient  aids digestion. Jamaican allspice also helps keep blood sugar under control, which is one of the primary ways to keep your arteries young.
  5. Cinnamon another spice often used, contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can help relieve arthritis pain.
  6. Scotch Bonnet Peppers the star of the show has capsaicin in them. It can kill cancer cells, help you speed up your metabolism/lose weight, and ease pain, 

How does one get jerk chicken? Well luckily for industrialization you can purchase a bottle of Jerk Seasoning from your nearest international market/grocer. Don’t have one near you? With simple ingredients you can make your own! I will post mine at a later time I can’t give away all my secrets.  Grilling it is the best but if you have access to a fire pit even better. Legendary scientists have conducted studies to show that Jerk Chicken always tastes better when it comes from a remodeled oil drum. This is a fact. Ok maybe it isn’t. Now go and find some chicken and tell me how your life has improved.