Is Red Velvet The New Black?


Is it just me or is everything all about red velvet?  I don’t remember when I was introduced to this tasty trend.  My sister is a baker and my bestie is a cupcake connoisseur so I have been hearing about and tasting red velvet for years.  I see it EVERYWHERE nowadays red velvet cupcakes, red velvet waffles, red velvet pop tarts, red velvet granola bars.. well not really but that sounds tasty hmmm.  Is this trend here to stay?  I got the googling and it is possible it is here for the long haul. Red Velvet was “created” out of necessity, sounds like a fighter.


This is exactly what I imagined when I typed the “fighter” line. 

Here is the low down on this scarlet hued delight.

Red Velvet Cake was created during The Great Depression families couldn’t afford to purchase food coloring.  Whoa, that is is intense I am not sure how much it cost back then but it is pretty inexpensive now. Everyone was doing the right thing, cutting corners to save money. Although that helped families it hurt Adams Extract company, tremendously.  Seeing their business crumbling they invented a recipe that was tasty, “chic” and REQUIRED their food coloring.  Needless to say everyone loved this cream cheese frosted cake with its surprising blood red inside, it was pushed across the country on free recipe cards in supermarkets. There you have it a quick history of the phenom know as Red Velvet now use this to impress your friends.

One (incorrect) take on the invention of the red velvet cake is that the Waldorf Astoria Hotel created it in the 1920s and graciously provided the recipe when a customer asked. She later received a bill in the mail for $350, prompting her to distribute the recipe to anyone who would take it.

Now that I know Red Velvet was a genius marketing scheme I wonder how “Pumpkin Spice” and “Siracha” became so popular.

Are you tired of this or are you #teamredvelvet? What other food trends would you like to see pick up or die down?




We actually have this ice cream at home lol.


Now I am hungry…



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