I’m In Love With The Coco: 9 Uses For Coconut Oil

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I’m in looooovvvveeee the Coco! These are the lyrics of a current popular song by O.T. Genasis. By the way, I didn’t know that was his name until 30 seconds ago. Now, He may or may not be speaking of selling cocaine for wholesale prices but that isn’t the point. Ok, he is speaking of selling cocaine for wholesale prices. Although I prefer Coco…nut oil, being my addiction of choice there are very few beauty items I can’t live without. Shea butter, castile soap and exfoliating gloves are my toppa top* beauty essentials. Coconut oil is really magic in a jar. It seems like you can put it on everything, similar to Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

1) Hair Moisturizer/Deep Conditioner

Lather some on while your hair is damp and it will be softer within minutes!

2) Makeup remover

Apply liquid coconut oil to a cotton ball and apply to areas of face covered by makeup. Rinse with warm water. The oil removes makeup and dirt while restoring skin’s natural glow.

3) Diminish Dark Under-Eye Circles

Rub a small amount of coconut oil beneath your eyes to help diminish the look of dark circles.

4) Oil Pulling

A home remedy said to cure-all ailments is oil pulling. Take a tablespoon of Coconut oil, swish in your mouth 1st thing in the morning (on an empty stomach) for a about 20 minutes and spit in the trash. Oil pulling is linked to fresher breath and whiter teeth. Just don’t swallow any of those toxins!

5) Cure Yeast Infections

Coconut oil has antifungal properties that will kill harmful bacteria while preserving the good stuff. Apply topically to the infected area twice a day until healed. Coconut oil can also treat vaginal dryness and be used as a “personal lubricant” (DO NOT USE WITH LATEX CONDOMS) it will break and you will expose yourself to STD/HIV infection and/or unwanted pregnancy. A.V. isn’t raising your coconut oil babies.

6) Cooking

Chef up some Egg Foo Young, stir fry, or a “T-bone steak, cheese eggs and a Welch’s Grape” on the side. No matter what the meal is coconut oil can be used. Being a stable oil with a high heat point means it doesn’t burn as quickly as olive oil. You can also swap out eggs for coconut oil when baking and have vegan cupcakes! Hey, it works for Beyonce…The vegan.

7) Speaking of cooking… Soothe Sunburn

Apply the oil to burned skin for relief as often as needed.

8) Furniture Polisher

Coconut oil can give a nice protective shine to some wood furniture. You can also use it to soften and shine leather goods just make sure  you test it on a hidden area of the material first!

9) Season Your Cast Iron Skillet:

Swap out vegetable oil or shortening and use coconut oil instead. You can condition your wooden cutting boards as well.

There are dozens of other uses for coconut oil. What did I forget? What are your favorites?

 (* Toppa Top means top-notch in Jamaican Patois)