How To Paint An Outdoor Rug

How To paint An Outdoor Rug

If you have been following my Snapchat (@avdoeswhat) you may have seen a brief overview of this tutorial. It is really insane how easy and economical this is. It is no secret that my backyard has been the bane of my existence for a smooth 6.8503 years.*

*I am not sure what that number really means in terms of months but I have been here almost 7 years.

I have done a lot to prepare my backyard for greatness and faced plenty of obstacles, until now. Last year, I “remixed” my BBQ grill and made an outdoor waterproof cushion for my DIY bench (what was made from an old coffee table) so now more than ever I am ready for entertaining. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to my ideas. You know it is serious when a Pinterest board is created. During this massive renovation I realized I had a rug in the backyard that has been there for the better part of 5 years. Talk about durability! I was going to ditch it but with a little bit of T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli (TLC) it can last for another 10 years! Here is how to paint an outdoor rug.

What You need:

  • A 6×8′ Outdoor rug You can get one from The Home Depot for under $20
  • 2″ wide masking or painter’s tape–or whatever width tape you want
  • Spray Paint


Clean your rug as much as possible.



Mark off your design with Painter’s Tape. Make sure your tape is as flat as possible to prevent leaking underneath. You can make any shape or design you want. Keep in mind that where ever there is tape, it will be the base color of the rug.



I love these colors I also added an electric orange to the lagoon, coral and sun yellow palette.



Spray away and let dry for an hour between coats. Two coats is more than enough.



Remove the tape to reveal your awesome pattern!



You are probably wondering if the paint will fade or chip. Have you ever gotten spray paint on your clothes? Has it ever faded no matter how much you washed it? Exactly. Enjoy! Make sure you stay tuned in to my Snapchat to see more behind the scenes of my backyard renovation.