Bloggers: How To Maintain Your Brand During A Crisis

We all want one. Everyone is trying to build one but what is a brand?

A brand is essentially the persona of a product or service. The act of “branding” is about messaging. Fonts, colors, tone of voice along with your actual words all communicate something. What are you choosing to say. Yes it is a choice. What makes a brand great? Simply put, human connection. Connecting with people within your target market particularly on an emotional level is what sets you apart. It is the reason you celebrate holidays on your blogs, share personal anecdotes, tell jokes and speak in casual language. All of this allows you to be relatable. Relatable is good . Now what happens when your audience desires human connection during tragic moments?


Pinterest How To Navigate Your Brand Through Bloodshed and Other Social Injustices

On the heel’s of The United States of America’s Independence Day, at least three Black men were killed by the hands of law enforcement throughout the country. Five police officers were killed during a mass shooting in Dallas, TX as well.  Many bloggers and content creators I know were impacted by this but were unaware of how to express their thoughts while “maintaining their brand.” 

As content creators it is imperative that we

  • Clearly identify our brand’s persona and what it represents.
  • Use our influence to inspire change.
  • Be creative with our content.

Online content is not the wave of the future but in fact it is the present.

It has revolutionized the way we receive and exchange information. How are you using your influence? Big brands pay bloggers to tap into their niche for advertising purposes, your words are valuable treat it as such. Valuable not just for the latest fashion trends, beauty tips, DIY projects or entertainment gossip but to speak out against grave oppression. We find unique ways to incorporate pop culture into our posts in order to stay relevant we can surely do the same for social injustice. It can be as simple as a “round up” of politically charged fashion trends over the years. Once you truly take a stance and develop what you would like your brand to convey in every facet it is easier to navigate during times like this. A clear stance will allow you to determine which brands you would like to work with in the future. Take charge of your voice, protect your brand and do not sell your soul for a sponsored post.