How To Have A Better Social Life… Online

How TO Have A Great Social Life*Click click* every time you go on Facebook everyone is getting married…for the 3rd time, and everyone is still clicking “like.” On Twitter someone is attending an epic party. Instagram is the home of perfect plates. Your entire feed consists of people eating some fabulous meal doesn’t it? Oh, they are having veal tonight? Must be nice, while you are having *Plate ala Struggle * Aren’t you tired of having a boring E-life?

Here are some ways to have a better social life… online.

1) Don’t post everything at once. Take excess pics and post in moderation. Extend your fun. An unwritten rule of social media is you only have to wait 3.75 weeks for something to be considered a candidate for Throwback Thursday. So that means you get to REPOST your awesome party in case someone missed all the 400 pics you posted the 1st time. Take your time young man mama used to saaaay.

2) Only in times of desperate measures, fake it until you make it Use over enthusiastic jargon, i.e. lit, live, epic, movie, amaziiiing, super awesome. how to use in a sentence.This party is a movvvvvviieee, its Epic! Although no one will be there.

3) Go outside: it might be strange because every thing is one click away but I promise sunlight is good for you. Just wander get to know your city and don’t forget your cellphone, so you can take pictures of your food like normal people.

Have fun!

What are some of your favorite tips to have a better social life?

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