How To Hack Like A Pro


Lights, Camera…Hacking!? Last week, I attended Tribeca Film Festival and had my fill with cool events, screenings and drinks.  With so much to do the last thing I would expect to see was Def Con.  Def Con is a conference for hackers.  What does hackers have to do with movies? Well during the various panels and workshops they showed us everything we anticipate from hackers in movies is completely inaccurate. What a killjoy. The bright side is they showed us how to make your hacking characters more realistic.  Not one to let an opportunity go to waste I met some of the pros to pick up some tips to hack like a pro.


What you need to “Tamper Evidence” (lift sealed envelopes without ruining the adhesive)

  • A Sealed envelope
  • Scalpel
  • Syringe
  • Denatured Ethanol



1) Fill the syringe with the denatured ethanol and slowly “inject” under one corner of the seal.


2) Use a scalpel to slowly lift the corner.

IMG_85743) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the seal opens.

IMG_8575The adhesive is still intact so after you award yourself as a Tribeca Film Festival winner you can close the envelope as normal. The ethanol completely dries and leaves no scent.



Congrats you are a hacker! Thanks to Scotland for tips. Now when she isn’t hacking film festivals she is creating some pretty cool art that you can find here.

*Sidenote* our purple hair rocks!


If you can hack into anything what would it be and why?